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Alan Thicke has a new TV Show, Men buy new underwear every 7 years, How and wher

6:15 Alan Thicke has a new show on TV Guide Network (TVGN) called “Unusually Thicke”. It airs on Wednesday nights. They seem pretty fun! Here's the website.

Here's the interview:


6:45- MEN HANG ONTO THEIR UNDERWEAR FOR 7 YEARS _ Some less-than-appealing news from Britain: There's a decent chance the guy sitting next to you is wearing 7-year-old underwear. That's the average length of time men hang on to their undies before buying new ones.

A survey that was actually released in Britain two months ago has finally reached U.S. shores and it's causing quite a stir., an online shopping catalog, asked men about their underwear habits and it seems that the relationship British men have with their knickers often lasts longer than many of their marriages.

For instance, men say they hold on to their underwear for an average of seven years with nine percent admitting that they've kept one pair for ten years or more.

Meanwhile, more than two out of ten men say they've worn the same pair for multiple days in a row. Perhaps it's because about half of all guys also acknowledge sniffing their boxers or briefs to determine if they're still clean.

And in perhaps the most interesting finding of all, one in seven claims that they have worn their partner's underpants when they couldn't find a clean pair of their own.

7:15 How do get your music? I remember going to the record store and buying 45's, then cassettes, then CD's and now nothing. I really don't buy music. I don't even really download it much.

Music fans still prefer to buy CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes than MP3 downloads, even though many are left in their wrapper and never actually listened to.

Online digital sales have cornered a large part of the music industry, with 22% of people buying from Amazon in the last month and 11% from Apple’s iTunes store.

This is surprising.... CDs remain dominant, according to a new poll, with 57% of people having bought a physical album during the past year.

The figure for MP3 downloads is just 39%.

And, strangely, vinyl records are now a growing part of the music industry, with 1-in-10 having bought an LP over the last month, up from 1-in-20 last year. 1-in-20 people have even bought an old fashioned cassette during that time period

How do you get your music? Do you still peek through the aisles?.


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04/30/2014 11:09AM
Alan Thicke has a new TV Show, Men buy new underwear every 7 years, How and where do you get your mu
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