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Adventures in Lady Bonding, Can you get electrocuted in the shower?, Unusual Use

6:15 Adventures in Lady Bonding! 

Girls, you know at least one of these things has happened to you OR when you were around. Be honest! It's how we bond with other women we don't even know.

  • When there’s no toilet paper in your stall and you need to rely on a stranger in the women’s room to get you TP.

  • When you notice toilet paper stuck on the bottom of another woman’s shoe and let her know. (Rona's addition to this: you do that little dance where you try to get the tp off her shoe, then your shoe, then her shoe ha!)

  • When you meet a woman who works or worked with someone you can’t stand, and you bond over how terrible they are.

  • When you witness dudes being jerks or mansplaining and share an eyeroll moment.

  • When you lend a woman your Chapstick or blush or deodorant in a moment of desperation.

  • When you’re both putting on makeup in a bathroom and share tips on contouring or eyeliner application.

  • When you’re in that bathroom at a bar on New Year’s Eve and a girl is freaking out because the zipper on her skirt is broken and you fashion a makeshift device with bobby pins to “fix it.”

  • When you ask a stranger for a tampon or when you provide a stranger with a tampon.

  • When your purse falls on the ground and shit flies everywhere and a very understanding lady helps you pick it up.

  • When you help a lady avoid an embarrassing moment by kindly letting her know there’s something in her teeth, or that her skirt is tucked into her tights.

  • When a woman fixes your bra strap because it was peeking out, or pulls up your shirt for you when it’s too low in the back and your strapless bra is showing.

  • Or tells you your zipper is down.

6:45 There was a really strong thunderstorm passing through this morning when I was getting ready. For some strange reason, I though to myself, is it possible that I might get electrocuted? I really had a small moment of panic and recalled my mom telling me NOT to get on the phone or use the shower when it was lightening outside. So here I turn off the water and decide to see if that's any old wives tale or not. According to this article in the NY Times from 2006, it's possible but very unlikely! Whew. Read it all here:


7:15 Unusual uses week continues: Today, my favorite condiment MUSTARD!!!!

8:15 For all you fans of the movie Frozen: Disney has announced plans for Frozen on Ice to launch in September for a nationwide tour. The show will include a cast of 39 skaters and will require nine tractor-trailers to move from city to city. According to the New York Times, viewers can expect a blizzard created by 20 snow machines, a stage inspired by a six-sided snowflake and towering video projection panels that, among other things, would simulate the movie's jagged North Mountains." The tour will begin in Orlando, Florida. 


Katy Perry on Display in the National portrait gallery:

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05/22/2014 7:34AM
Adventures in Lady Bonding, Can you get electrocuted in the shower?, Unusual Uses for Mustard
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