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8 Phrases NEVER to say at work, Mom tries to teach her daughter a lesson, Allerg

6:15 8 Phrases You Should Never Say at Work

There are some things that are better left unsaid. DailyWorth shares phrases you should ditch while you're in the workplace. Choose Your Words Carefully Sometimes the little things we say can have a positive lasting impression. Maybe your boss



6:45 This mom tried to teach her daughter a lesson and she was the one who ended up getting the lesson. Mom's Facebook Lesson To Daughter Backfires (March 24, 2014)

A mother who was trying to teach her daughter that photos shared online can be seen by a lot more people than she thinks, has hopefully learned a valuable lesson herself. Last week the mom, Kira, took a picture of her daughter holding a sign that reads, "Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it's posted to the internet." A day later, Kira posted, "She is pretty miserable! ...And angry! I’m just trying to prove a point. 468 [shares]. The photo has now moved beyond Facebook. It is now on two other websites (that I’m aware of). Lots of messages, and nice people keeping me in the loop with what they are doing with the photo.”

4Chan caught wind of the photo and the story and decided to teach the mother a lesson of her own, by finding her home address and home phone number online. By Wednesday night (March 19th) Kira reportedly received prank calls and pizzas -- something the group has been known to do. (Daily Dot) UPDATE: Sometime after 11pm ET Wednesday (3/19), Kira removed the photo of her daughter from her Facebook page and scrubbed the rest of her profile of personal information.


People with nasal allergy symptoms could one day find relief through a tiny filter worn inside the nose. The contact lens-sized filter, called ‘Rhinix’, would be placed inside the nose each day to filter out pollen and other allergens. The filter consists of a flexible frame inserted into both nostrils. The frame features a filtering membrane for each nostril, with a small plastic band visible at the bottom of the nostrils. Clinical trials have found it helps reduce sneezing, itching and runny nose symptoms, as well as throat irritation. Its Danish manufacturer is currently seeking FDA approval. (Not only functional … but oh-so-stylish!). Do you suffer from hay fever and allergies? There may be relief on the way! These are nasal filters that block allergens from getting in your nose.


Apparently there is a similar product that was on the ABC TV show "Shark Tank". See an interview with the guy here.


7:45 "Happy" parody videos. I tell you, they are going to be the next big thing! Definitely! I'm not going to post them here because some of them can get pretty raunchy.


8:15 Christian Lopez is coming in tomorrow! He'll join me live in studio with a big announcement!


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8 Phrases NEVER to say at work, Mom tries to teach her daughter a lesson, Allergy Relief from this d
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