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7 Weird things women do that we never talk about, Self cleaning car, Benefits o

6:15 Seven Weird things women do but we never talk about.

Guys, I'm giving you a little bit of insight into who we are. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure, you'll hear these things and A) wish you hadn't and B)not get it anyway. Ha! The video is hilarious.

  •  Mascara face
  • Have a Pinterest Wedding page
  • Secret Tampons and other feminine products (hiding them to get to the ladies room)
  • Secret De-Wedgy-ing
  • Secret hiding places for keys, lipstick, id (BRA)
  • Getting “done up” made up—to stay in
  • Connect to Celebs (I did it yesterday mentioning George Clooney is engaged)
  • Using your handbag to avoid people
  • Taking pictures with the “side pose”

6:45 NISSAN DEVELOPS A SELF-CLEANING CAR _ Tired of washing your car? Engineers at Nissan are using a new paint finish called Ultra-Ever Dry on the new Nissan Note supermini that can repel water and oils, as well as dirt, dust, mud and grit. The paint uses nanotechnology to create a thin air shield above the surface of the car that makes rain, road spray, frost, sleet and standing water roll off the car without tainting its surface at all. Nissan is currently attempting to determine if the material is durable for long-term use on vehicles -- and if it will hold up in different weather conditions around the globe. 


7:15 My friend Michael Judd who is a whiz at landscaping and (all things natural) has just come out with a new book called “Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist”. He chatted with me about some fun projects that you can do in your yard to produce amazing results.

Here's his website:

Here's the Facebook page:

Here's a longer web exclusive version of our interview where Michael goes into more detail about the book.


8:30- I liked these. The fact is that we always think of work giving us just money, but there are many things that work gives us. For instance:


✓ It’s the easiest place for finding and making new friends.
✓ The experience makes you more valuable on the job market.
✓ Working exercises your sense of standards, giving the satisfaction of doing something well.
✓ Work improves mental health, offering goals, and accomplishments, as well as a comforting sense of routine.
– Adapted from

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04/29/2014 8:50AM
7 Weird things women do that we never talk about, Self cleaning car, Benefits of your job---other t
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