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5 Apps to make you happy! Are you a road idiot?, Get down and rave out with your

6:15 Right now, everyone is talking about the song “Happy” by Pharrell.

5 apps that make you happy Not a quick fix for pleasure, happiness apps are more like mood-tracking apps, a way of journaling using electronics rather than pen and paper, said David M. Reiss, MD, a San Diego psychiatrist. And journaling can certainly help you improve your mood. Here are five happiness apps that may bring a smile to your face.


6:45 Are you an idiot on the road? Here are 10 ways you are being an idiot. (Many of these I don't agree with goes)

7:15 Mommy and the club? You know you're getting old when this sounds like a good idea. Remember when you used to stay out late dancing till the wee hours of the morning? Now the only dancing you get is when you go to a wedding or anniversary party. Not to worry. There's a new concept in partying for you...

Family discos and raves are increasingly common across London, as British clubbers who once packed world-famous venues such as Ministry of Sound get older and have children. Event planning company Big Fish Little Fish is specifically aimed at party parents who like to strut their stuff for a few hours before heading home for their kids’ bedtime. One dingy bar in south London that’s normally the venue for all-night raves is now transformed into a playgroup party for 2-and-a-half hours on Saturday afternoons, with professional DJs playing funk and house music. You can even get a tattoo at the bar … that washes off later. (Toddlers staggering around in the half-light are said to look disturbingly like small, drunk adults.)
– Agence France-Presse

7:45 ========> This is just crazy. Restaurant Provides Stuffed Company for Lonely Diners

It's no secret that many people prefer not to eat alone at restaurants, so a Japanese eatery chain has cooked up a solution: life-size stuffed animals. Specifically, servers at Japan's Moomin Cafe chain will park a giant stuffed version of the beloved, blobby Scandinavian children's characters opposite diners' unoccupied chairs. Suffice it to say, the practice seems to be popular, if for no other reason that patrons of the themed cafes are already fans of the Moonmin characters. 


8:45 Friday Toy Memory: Hollywood Squares!!!!! I remember all the 70's guest stars especially: Charo, Vincent Price, and Paul Lynde. I used to come home from school and my babysitter would watch those shows. I'm glad I can catch it sometime on the Game Show Network. Awesome!



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05/02/2014 11:17AM
5 Apps to make you happy! Are you a road idiot?, Get down and rave out with your mom?, Stuffed dinne
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