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33 things that tell you, you're turning into your mother, scratch and sniff jean

6:15 Ha! Here are the 33 ways to know you're turning into your mother. These are very on target.

I am completely #12-- You talk about how cold it is all the time. Wait, are they watching me or something? How do they know that?

Which one are you?


6:45 Margarita and a Movie Promo with mention of Access Hollywood.Last night, I saw that gals from the movie "The Other Woman" on Access Hollywood and they were so funny. It's  gonna be a fun movie. Margarita and a movie is coming up next Friday at Leitersburg Cinemas. Get your tickets now at:


7:15 So now I've heard everything. Scratch and Sniff Jeans...for men only. So if you're thinking that you might want your denim to be a little fresher than that “just worn” smell. Well this might be your answer.


All you need to know about them is here:

Want to buy them?--


I covered two things: Pharrell's Happy. Oprah had the hatted hero on her OWN Network the other day and showed Pharrell several videos of people singing along and dancing happily to his infectious hit “Happy”. Here's a look at the video (Hint: Grab a tissue, you'll probably need it).


2nd Thing, There is a youtube video series where they present kids (under the age of 12) with relics of old like typewriters and stuff and ask them to comment on it. It's called "Kids ReIt's a modern day “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. It works. It's funny. Today, it's the Walkman cassette player.


04/16/2014 8:50AM
33 things that tell you, you're turning into your mother, scratch and sniff jeans, Marg and a Movie
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