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25 Things your mechanic won't tell you, KFC Jewelry, Do you keep food past it's

6:15 Recently, I had my car worked on and I had $1600 worth of work done. Ouch! I was so angry about it because there is NO way that I'd have an idea of what work I really needed to have done. Anyway, I did feel like the mechanic was being straight with me. I'm not saying all Mechanics are shysters, I just wish I knew more in advance of needing car repairs. A few on the list are below Check out the really helpful list here:


• You don’t need to have your fuel injector cleaned.
(I looked this one up interesting...boildown is YOU DON'T need it! )


• If there is something wrong with your catalytic converter or emissions system, consult your dealer as a free replacement is often legally required.

• Be careful with brake jobs. Many mechanics will use cheap parts and mark the price up.

• Watch out for ‘certified’ pre-owned cars. The certification usually means nothing.

A transmission pan with metal particles in it is normal. Don’t get duped.

• A transmission flush is almost guaranteed to be a scam. They aren’t recommended by manufacturers and cars almost never need them.

• Cheap parts from China are getting popular. Ask to see the box. (How do you know what good parts are and where they come from?)



6:45 You won't believe this... First it was the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corsage, now it's the

Kentucky Fried Jewelry (June 27, 2014) (Unfortunately, it's all sold out!!!! :(   )

If you love KFC and 14 karat gold jewelry, today (June 27) is your lucky day. Kentucky For Kentucky is launching a collection of gold-plated necklaces made from the real bones of a KFC fried chicken dinner. According to the company's website, the unusual jewelry was made using a complex and time-consuming process of painting the bones with a varnish, covering them in copper and then gold electroplating each one. Small necklaces will be sold for $130 and large ones will be sold for $160.  Interested buyers will need to act fast when the sale begins at 10 a.m. as there will only be 20 items up for sale. (Daily Mail)   It's all sold out already. :(


7:15 People won't throw away food even when it's gone bad. Ewww- Okay, I'm going to admit it. I'm one of those people . I've been known to have a bunch of freezer burned meat in my freezer and I keep thinking somehow I can “bring it back” by just drowning it in sauce or oil. I'm guilty of many of these.

One of America’s worst habits is wasting food. Another is hoarding food well past its expiration date.

The nonprofit public health group NSF International decided to poll 1,000 people to get a better idea of what people are or aren’t doing with the food that collects in their refrigerators with frightening regularity.

Among other things, 17 percent of respondents admitted that they don’t toss food away until it actually begins emitting an odor.

NSF International also learned that about one in seven people never throw out frozen food despite freezer burn and the fact that it doesn’t keep indefinitely, contrary to what some might think.

Those more apt to keep food around well past expiration or best-used by-dates are Americans 55 and older.

The survey also revealed the mistrust people have regarding the food in other homes with 40 percent admitting that they won’t eat something served by a relative or friend because they’re concerned it may not be safe to eat.


8:15 This year seems to be the exception to the rule, but most every year, I expect rain on 4th of July/Independence day.


The heaviest rainfall recorded among the cities listed occurred in Washington, D.C., in 2001. While Dallas has only ever had one measurable rainfall on July 4 in the past 15 years, but was hit with 1.31 inches of rain in 2006, making it the third heaviest on record.

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25 Things your mechanic won't tell you, KFC Jewelry, Do you keep food past it's best date? Are we li
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