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Hi I'm Danielle Hedges.  I am local girl who is so happy to be on my hometown radio station. After high school, I moved to Tennessee where I went to college and met my husband.  After a few years away, I missed my family and my beloved West Virginia so I came back home. 
I am a mom to Kacey, Karee and Kaden, they keep me pretty busy.  I love trying to make desserts and crafts off Pinterest. They usually turn out pretty good (most of the time). I love party planning and decorating for all the holidays.  I collect snowmen, I have over 300!
I have always loved music and being a DJ gives me the chance to listen to music everyday!


Posts from April 2012

Baby is up and moving.
A year ago I was sitting in this studio counting down the weeks till my new baby boy would join our family..now at 8 months old he is into everything. It is so amazing to watch how a baby goes from a newborn laying anywhere you put them down to having tobaby proof everything.. time flies! It is so cool to root on that little person from crawling to cruising to walking.  It's time for me to go shopping for baby gates!
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Working for a living
I love being on the radio but filling in for Marc today I am reminded by all the things working moms have to deal with.  Making sure the kids get to school on time, making things for the bake sale at church and trying to figure out what to do with sick kids when you have to go to work.  After I had Kaden in August, I had to step away from working full time here at the radio station. Just because I am not at the radio station Monday- Friday doesn't mean I am not busy. 
So today I thinking of all the working moms, whether you work full time, part time or both, you are doing a great job!
Hang in there!
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