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Posts from November 2012

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NYPD Officer’s Kindness Sparks Online Sensation
A photo of a New York City police officer giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man in Times Square has created an online sensation. The NYPD posted the photo of Officer Lawrence DePrimo kneeling to help the man put on the boots to the department’s Facebook page. By yesterday, the photo had been shared more than 140,000 times, “liked” more than 420,000 times and received 31,000 comments. Jennifer Foster of Florence, Arizona, was visiting Times Square with her boyfriend on November 14th when they saw a shoeless man asking for change. As she approached the man, she said a police officer came onto the scene. Foster, a civilian dispatch manager with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona, took a photo and forwarded it and a note to the NYPD. Officer DePrimo, 25, who joined the department in 2010, was shocked at the attention. “It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet,” DePrimo said in an interview. “I had two pairs of socks and I was still cold.” They started talking; he found out the man’s shoe size: 12. DePrimo went into a Skechers shoe store and – using his own money – bought a pair of all-weather boots and some socks. The store manager was so moved, he gave DePrimo his employee discount to cut the price of the $100 boots. DePrimo said keeps the receipt for the boots in his vest to remind him ‘‘that sometimes people have it worse.’’


Olde Towne Hedgesville Christmas happens this weekend with traditional Christmas Carols, hot cocoa and the spirit of giving. Friday from 6pm-9pm there will be celebrations with the Hedgesville Middle School choir and the tree lighting ceremony.

Doors to Christmas 2012 happens through December 5th from 11am-4pm. Come see 24 beautiful wreaths designed by local Florist,Business, & Artisans. The wreaths will be auctioned off on Dec. 6th at 5pm. The event is held at the Old Shenandoah Hotel at 100 W. Main Street in Martinsburg.

The 18th annual South Berkeley Christmas Tree Lighting will be held on Saturday, December 1st at 6:00pm. The theme is "Christmas Lights the Heart in South Berkeley" and will begin with the lighting of the community Christmas tree  on front of Musselman High School. For details call: 304-229-7271

Snowflake Festival Market happens once again this year on the square in Downtown Martinsburg. Saturday, December 1st from 12:00pm-5:00pm. There will be crafts, music and deliciious treats to enjoy all day long!

Friday Toy Memory:

A strange game that featured a head that rotated in the center of the game and you had to try and "feed" or put coins in the mouth of this creature that looked a lot like a 3D Pac Man. Remember this?

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Office party intel, unsafe toys, holiday movies
It's holiday season and time for holiday parties.  Everyone loves a good time but there are a few things you should remember when it comes to your office don't want to regret it the next day... (not admitting to anything, just sayin)

Here are some tips to keep your behavior under control, and still have a good time at your office party:

  • Dress modestly.  If you want pizzazz, go for flashy jewelry.  The office party is not the place to show off your new revealing outfit, especially if you care about your professional image.
  • Limit alcohol. You’ll be less likely to say and do things that you’ll later regret.  If you tend to have “way too much fun” when you drink, stay dry at the office party.
  • Watch your mouth. Cursing and sexual innuendos may be taken the wrong way, even at parties. Play it safe by using language that won’t haunt you 6 months from now.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.  Under the guise of “fun” some folks get a bit too touchy-feely at parties.  Don’t risk sexual harassment charges.  If hugging is the norm among your coworkers, hug them as you would your great aunt.
  • Assume that photos will be taken and posted online.  These photos can stay online forever. Years from now, how would you like to be depicted?

Top 10 Worst Toys Of 2012
The consumer toy watchdog group, World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) has issued its annual “10 Worst Toys” list naming toys with the potential to cause childhood injuries or even death. This year’s list:
  •     Magnetic Fishing Game, $1.77, by Kole Imports (choking hazard)
  •     Inflatable Bongo Ball, $49.99, by Toys R Us (impact injuries)
  •     Dart Zone Quick Fire 12 dart gun, $19.32, by Prime Time Toys Ltd. (eye injuries)
  •     Spinner Shark 4-Wheel Kneeboard, $59.97, by FuzionNextsport (impact injuries)
  •     Explore & Learn Helicopter, $15.99, by V Tech (strangulation hazard)
  •     N-Force Vendetta Double Sword, $19.99, by Hasbro (impact injuries)
  •     Water Balloon Launcher, $21.99, by Water Sports LLC (choking hazard, facial injuries)
  •     Power Rangers Super Samurai Shogun Helmet, $29.99, by Bandai (puncture wound, impact injuries)
  •     Playful Xylophone, $29.99, by P’Kolino (choking hazard)
  •     The Avengers Gamma Green Smash Fists, $16.99, by Hasbro (impact injuries)
 WATCH’s website,, includes a “report card” that documents some of the changes that have come about as a result of the organization’s concerns.

What are your favorite Holiday Movies?

Hans loves Love Actually, Elf, Christmas Story and others.  I realized I don't have any of my own favorites during the holiday season. There is a new film
"Elf Man" that will premiere this weekend at the Weinberg Center in Frederick.  Here are all the details on this new family friendly movie!
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Least Influential
Miss me? I've been holding off on posting on the blog as I realized that a lot of people aren't reading it. Here is a list compiled from GQ Magazine. Don't kill the messenger, I didn't make up the list... just sayin. Some of them here I can totally see, others...not so much!

Least Influential People Of 2012


Mitt Romney, Michelle Obama and Lance Armstrong are among the 25 men and women named to GQ’s list of the Least Influential People of 2012. While Romney was No. 1 on the list, the magazine declined to call him the least influential person of 2012, giving the disclaimer that “all zeros are created equal.” “The only successful thing he did this year was embody every black stand-up comedian’s impression of a white person,” GQ said of Romney. The list of the least influential people of the year described the cast of characters as “a collection of people so uninspiring that we should round them all up and stick them on an iceberg.” The full list:


1. Mitt Romney 14. Billy Crystal
2. Amanda Bynes 15. Bobby Valentine
3. Madonna 16. “Whoever Directed ‘John Carter’” (Andrew Stanton)
4. Dwight Howard 17. James Dolan
5. Gotye 18. Aaron Sorkin
6. George Zimmerman 19. Adam Sandler
7. Michelle Obama 20. The Remaining Scraps Of Occupy Wall Street
8. Ryan Lochte 21. Jamie Dimon
9. Gregg Williams 22. James Brady
10. Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer 23. Jim Lehrer
11. Guy Fieri 24. Hulk Hogan
12. Keith Olbermann 25. Tucker Carlson
13. Lance Armstrong


We also talked about the Powerball jackpot. It's is INSANE to think that any of us could win the $500 million dollars. We have more chance of lots of things...

Some of them...

  • dating a supermodel
  • dying by hornet's sting
  • becoming President of the US
  • and many more!
Do you believe this is real or not?

We played this hilarious call from a woman that has gone viral. She called a radio station (in Minnesota I think) to tell them that she believed that the government shouldn't place deer crossing signs near the highways. She was serious! Take a listen to the call. Also, read the article that's a follow-up.
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Welcome back from Thanksgiving--it's Cyber Monday! Holiday Scams,
So I hear we may get snow. According  to our buds at Accuweather, it's probably going to happen tonight or in the overnight. Golden!

As you well know, today is Cyber Monday. That means that there are terrific deals online for shoppers. Beware if you plan on using your work computer to do the deed...

Using the internet to knock items off the holiday shopping list is likely to continue to be the trend. According to CareerBuilder’s “Cyber Monday” internet usage study, 49% of workers expect to spend some time in the office this holiday season shopping online, on par with past years. More than a quarter of workers planned to shop from work either on Black Friday (12%) or Cyber Monday (16%). Shopping from the office is most common in the weeks leading up to December 25th, with 30% saying they’re most likely to shop from work after December 7th. The study also revealed that a higher percentage of women (43%) have shopped online while at the office compared to men (36%). While most companies have an official internet use policy for their employees, workers often go online for non-work related reasons. Other findings:


  • 25% of employers have fired someone for using the internet for non-work related activity.
  • 7% of hiring managers have fired an employee for holiday shopping at work.
  • 53% of employers block employees from accessing certain websites.
  • 11% of hiring managers have fired an employee for something they posted on social media.
  • 30% of employers monitor their employees’ email use.
  • 11% of hiring managers have fired someone for sending non-work related emails.

Now that we are in the full swing of Holiday Season, officially, there are some scams that are out there I wanted to let you know about. Check this out...

‘Tis the season for online scammers. One security company is warning about ways people can be ripped off during the holidays. According to McAfee, a growing number of people are using mobile devices to shop. Among the scams to be aware of are those that require you to click on links, especially through social media sites. McAfee warns many scammers use Twitter and Facebook to lure people into clicking through on contests or fan pages that advertise hot selling items or discounts on popular products. Those links may actually be ways of installing malware on your mobile device and swiping your personal info. A survey for McAfee by Harris Interactive revealed:

    1 in 4 Americans plan to shop online this Holiday season via smartphones and tablets.

    13% of all Americans will use an app this holiday season to research or purchase holiday gifts.

    Among those planning on using mobile devices to purchase gifts this holiday season, 54% expect to use apps for shopping and/or banking during that time.

    87% of American smartphone and/or tablet owners are concerned that their personal information could be stolen while using an app on such devices, but say they’ll do it anyway.

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