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Your Sunday Morning Guy, Pietro DiSante is a 2010 graduate of Shepherd University. He majored in Communications and New Media, plus hosted a show at the college's radio station. He joined Prettyman Broadcasting in 2010 and has been having fun ever since. He loves all kinds of music, movies and sports. He loves talking about them too, as you hear when he is DJing on 97.5 WLTF. If you would like to contact Pietro, you can email him at Pete@wltffm.com.

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Modern Family
I have to say, the best comedy on tv right now is ABC's Modern Family. Most people agree, as it has won non-stop Emmy's since it's debut and has gained a large fanbase. Season 4 started up a few weeks ago and it just amazes me how good the writing is, week in and week out, on the show. I recommend checking out seasons 1 through 3 on DVD and then start watching Season 4 as each season and each episode is great. I really was not interested when it first came out a few years ago, but my sister got me into it and I am glad she did.

I am also a fan of The Office and Parks and Recreation on NBC, but The Office has gotten a little stale lately. Parks and Rec is still great, right behind Modern Family.


Check them out!

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Thought I would do a quick post about Looper. You really can't explain the film to others. You have to see it for yourself. Luckily for you, we are GIVING AWAY tickets to see it tomorrow for Movie Monday. Just tune into the new West Virginia Morning Show for a chance to win tickets.

Looper takes place in the future and is a time travel movie, but it is done in a very grounded and believable way.
Joseph Gordon Levitt continues his great 2012 as Joe and
Bruce Willis gives a great performance as Old Joe. They play the same character. It is complicated. Go see it though. It will be worth it. Even better if you can win tickets tomorrow on 97.5 WLTF. The beautiful Emily Blunt also gives a great perfomance. Looper is one of my favorite films of 2012.

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