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2012 Olympics
The Olympics are finally here! Hope everyone is enjoying watching the events so far. I enjoyed the opening ceremony. Thought it was really cool and unique. James Bond jumping out of the helicopter with the Queen is something I will always remember. Check out http://www.london2012.com/ for a list of events so you know when to tune in for what you want to see. It is going to be a fun couple of weeks!
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A Fire Rises: My Review of The Dark Knight Rises

First off, this review will be SPOILER FREE, because I hate spoilers and I would not want the movie ruined for me, so I will not ruin it for you. The Dark Knight Rises is the finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy and it ends the series with a BANG! Like I posted last week, it is a must to see Batman Begins and The Dark Knight before you see this, so make sure you do.

This story is great. It takes place 8 years after The Dark Knight ended and Bruce Wayne is a broken man. He has given up being Batman, but a new villain named Bane comes to Gotham, which forces him to put back on the cape and cowl. Christian Bale does an amazing job as Bruce Wayne/Batman as always, but this could be his best performance of the three films. Tom Hardy plays Bane and he also gives a great performance. Director Christopher Nolan did a great job in making Bane this film's villain, because we all know it was going to be hard to follow Heath Ledger's Oscar winning performance as the Joker and choosing Bane as the villain and Hardy's performance worked out very well. Bane is nothing like the Joker. He is all about strength and a goal, and that goal is to destroy Gotham City.

Other additons to the cast include Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Police Officer, John Blake. Both do a great job as most do in the film. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine continue their roles in nice ways too. The film has a few flaws, but not enough to really bother you. It also has one of the most intense endings of all time, so be prepared and focus. It has taken me a few viewings to fully catch everything, since it flies by so fast. Speaking of that, the movie is 2 hours, 45 minutes long, but goes by very fast.

I have seen the movie in IMAX and in regular theaters and I think it does not matter which format you choose. IMAX is massive and the sound is great, but either way you see it will be fine.

Obviously I am a big Batman fan, so my review of the film could be partial, but I think it is a great movie. Not sure I would take my kids to it. It is PG-13 for a reason, so I would say 13 makes sense. Also, it is not your normal super hero movie, as it is very serious and adult-themed. Not to say that there is no action, there is more action in Rises than in the first 2 movies of the trilogy.

All in all, a great movie. I give The Dark Knight Rises an A. I'll leave it at that but there are many surprises and plot twists I don't want to discuss or give away so go see it for yourself! Won't see a better movie for a long time!


Thanks Christopher Nolan!

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Get Ready to RISE.
The most anticipated movie of the last 4 years is only 5 days away! No, I am not talking about The Watch with Ben Stiller, I mean Director Christopher Nolan's 3rd and final Batman film: The Dark Knight Rises. I thought I would write this blog to catch people up on the first 2 films (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) and give you all the information you need to get ready to RISE this Friday, July 20th. Don't worry about Spoilers about the new film, as I will not post any in this blog. I will say though, Spoilers are a big issue lately. For some reason people on the internet think it is funny to try to ruin movies for people by spoiling the ending. I don't know why.
Okay, lets get back to the Bat-Recap:
Batman Begins is the first of the 3 films in Christopher Nolan's trilogy. It was released in 2005 and dealt with how Bruce Wayne became Batman. A key theme in this trilogy is how Batman could be realistic and happen in real life, so most of the things that happen in the film feel truly possible. Batman is created by Wayne as a symbol to fight injustice in crime-filled Gotham City. He uses a Bat because he feared them as a child and has now overcome that fear. In the movie, Batman takes on villains like Scarecrow and his mentor Rhas Al Ghul. At the end, it seems Gotham City is saved and peaceful, but no one could prepare for the evil that would come next: The Joker.
The Dark Knight is part 2 of Nolan's trilogy (released in 2008) and is considered by many to be the best comic book film of all-time. It's villain, The Joker, portrayed by the late
Heath Ledger, won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. This time around Batman has to deal with the mob, the Joker, and corruption in the police department. The Joker is the main problem, as he causes trouble everywhere and creates new problems for Batman along the way. District Attorney, Harvey Dent, also plays a large role, showing that there are two sides to him. At the end of the film, Batman takes the blame for what the actual villains did and becomes a fugitive. The Dark Knight Rises will pick up 8 years after the events of The Dark Knight. Gotham City seems to be a safer place and has no need for Batman. Little do they know that a new villain is coming to town. Bane is the first villain we meet who is not only stronger than Batman, but possibly smarter too. Bruce Wayne will again have to put on the Bat-suit and defend his city. This film will also have Selina Kyle in it. She is a "Cat" burglar. Plus many surprises, I am sure, with a running time of 2 hours, 45 minutes. Get your weekend tickets now as they are selling out fast. I also recommend re-watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight this week, as this third one is supposed to tie them all together. The wait is almost over!

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Summer of Super Heroes
It has been a great summer at the movies so far. Super Hero movies have been the big money makers and it continued this week with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 3D. Of course the biggest super hero movie of the year (and maybe of all-time) comes out in less than 2 weeks. I am talking about The Dark Knight Rises! And yes, I will be talking about it all month probably. Very excited. Before we get to that in 12 days, I thought I would re-cap what has been a very exciting Super Hero Summer at the Box Office!

The biggest movie of the year so far, has clearly been Marvel's The Avengers. It has grossed over $1 Billion worldwide and was actually one of the best
Super Hero movies i've ever seen. It combined all of Marvel's biggest heroes including: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. They all came together to save the world from Thor's evil brother Loki. It is still playing in some theaters and if you have not seen it, go before it leaves! The movie was so good it actually has plenty of sequels already planned, including: Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 next year, Captain America 2 in 2014 and an actual Avengers 2 within the next 3 years. So fear not, there will be plenty of super hero movies coming out over the next few years. Probably the most surprising super hero movie to come out in the Summer of 2012 is The Amazing Spider-Man. The reason being that Sam Raimi's trilogy is not that old, so a re-boot this early seemed a
little bit quick. Luckily the new cast and crew do a pretty good job with the Spider-Man origin story. I really liked how the 3D looked. When Spider-Man is swinging through New York City, you feel like you are swinging with him. Plus the new villain, The Lizard, was really cool to see. The movie sets up another Spider-Man trilogy, so expect a sequel announcement soon. Andrew Garfield did a good job taking over for Tobey Maguire. They both play Spider-Man and Peter Parker differently, but both do a good and unique job.
So the Summer of Super Heroes is nearing it's end, but it has saved the best for last, as The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th. Can't wait and look for another Batman post from me next week!

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